John Florence wins the 2012 Volcom Pipe Pro in the last minute with a 10.0 and a 9.5! Here is just a replay of his […]

Sunset Beach, Oahu, Hawaii, is turning it on big time today with 6′-8′ barrels. The Vans World Cup of Surfing is well underway and the […]

If women’s shortboarding were a song, Keala Kennelly would be the baseline. The deep, pulsating beat beneath the melody that keeps the tempo; the feeling […]

OK I think I have it right… short clip courtesy of Kenzen.. Mahalo Nui Ken Sentner!!!

Capt.Larry insisted that I post some pictures of the G-board in the water to see what it looked like… We went up to the north […]

Hi My name is Michael Soule (soul) and I’m a Gay Surfer/Shaper. I have just launched my new site www.soulesurfboards.com . The site has been […]

The Aloha State’s big city of Honolulu remains a laid-back gay travel fixture into the 21st century…

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