Michael Soule – Surfing Video

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  1. Aloha Raun,
    Thank you and I’m glad that you enjoyed it,
    The video was shot and edited by Ken Sentner (Kenzen)
    and it is at a place called Secret Beach on the North Shore of Kauai.
    Literally my favorite beach on the planet! this was actually mediocre surf that day, it gets much better…
    Mahalo nui,
    Michael ;).

  2. very cool..i’ve only been surfing on oahu. would love to try the other island breaks as well. how’s the vibe on the other islands. i get a sense of some localism on oahu. is it like that on the other islands, or would a mainlander like me be able to score a few waves? i’m still intermediate and my ultimate goal would be to get tubed!

  3. Nice video. To be able to wear just trunks, wow. The water in SoCali has finally gotten to 68f, and we are trunkin it maybe for a one or two weeks.

    I’ve never been to HI, but am surprised to see a break that does not have 100 guys on it. Would love to get there …. someday.

  4. gotta buy a camera, everyone suggests the Canon 7D but they cost so much ($1800 US). know of any less expensive cams that will hold up for shooting waves alot? if not guess that’s it. 57yrs and counting trying to assist GS.NET get the buzz going. Good reason as any to travel. Gregg P.S. 2nd time checking your video out, did you use an SLR with video capability or a straight video onlly camera?

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