Please help fund the documentary “OUT in the line-up”


Help us release the film!

Our feature length documentary that looks at surfing through the eyes of the gay community and the shapers of surf culture, is about to take off.
We’re splashing across the screen, joyous, being seen and heard instead of being made invisible. But that’s only in our editing room right now.

Now, we need the grass-roots help of every member to raise what’s needed for the next phase of editing, music and production! No amount is too small. Please donate, so we can tell our story to the world.

We’re getting attention from a great assortment of surfing and gay media (including Surfer Magazine, Magic Seaweed, and many more) which shows people are very interested in this film, but we need money to cover the hard cost of production and distribution.

If you haven’t already seen the TEASER video for “OUT In the Line-up” , take a look now!

With the United States Supreme Court ruling affirming permanent gay rights, positive momentum is building in the quest for acceptance and equality. This is a great time for gay athletes to share stories of the ocean and great waves.

Please visit and click the donate button. You can use PayPal or your credit card. Thank You!


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  1. have you concidered to raise funds?
    i know of a couple of people who succesfully raised money on there for various projects from film to product design.

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