1-Go to the Group where you want to create an Event 2-Click on the Calandar tab 3-Add all the details to the Create Event form and click Create Event!

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Westerly: A Man, A Woman, An Enigma Written/Directed by Alan White & Jamie Brisick Music By Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy & Matt Sweeney Westerly is a feature length documentary film about Peter Drouyn and his controversial [...]


Story written by Tim from Canada – 2012 To date most of my excursions into Neptune’s domain have been in tropical waters, where one gets out of the water due to fatigue rather than the [...]


Please help us better serve you and all gay surfers
Our goal at is to provide a community that enriches your life as a surfer, and a gay person. To that end, we are asking (actually pleading) with you to complete a simple survey [...]

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By Lily Addington, 2012. Do you hanker to get in shape and raise your energy levels so that you can become better at surfing? Perhaps you just want to lose some weight . The average [...]

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To the chagrin of many surfers who feel they have found the perfect undiscovered surf location, an internet site turns around and spreads the word like gossip in a high school hallway. Sites such as [...]


The video is finally released – thanks to all the members of GS who sent their footage! December 2011 Music by GUNG HO, a young band from Brisbane making nostalgic surf inspired catchy indie jams [...]

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