1-Go to the Group where you want to create an Event 2-Click on the Calendar tab 3-Add all the details to the Create Event form […]

Westerly: A Man, A Woman, An Enigma Written/Directed by Alan White & Jamie Brisick Music By Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy & Matt Sweeney Westerly is a […]

Story written by Tim from Canada – 2012 To date most of my excursions into Neptune’s domain have been in tropical waters, where one gets […]

Please help us better serve you and all gay surfers
Our goal at GaySurfers.net is to provide a community that enriches your life as a surfer, and a gay person. To that end, we are asking (actually pleading) with you to complete a simple survey […]

By Lily Addington, 2012. Do you hanker to get in shape and raise your energy levels so that you can become better at surfing? Perhaps […]

To the chagrin of many surfers who feel they have found the perfect undiscovered surf location, an internet site turns around and spreads the word […]

The video is finally released – thanks to all the members of GS who sent their footage! December 2011 Music by GUNG HO, a young […]

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