Saltwater in my Veins, by Renee Schwartz

By Renee Schwartz Renne, a transgendered surfer from South Australia wrote the true story of her own surfing life. She would love to go surfing again with her new identity… Content Growing up in Adelaide 1959 – What a year it was. I’ll never forget it! Those lazy, crazy Summer Days Surfing with the Postie… Continue reading Saltwater in my Veins, by Renee Schwartz

“Totally Gay”, by Brad Melekian

Thanks to @wavvves , we found this article written by Brad Melekian, called “Totally Gay” and published in 2007, about brad’s friend’s coming out story as a gay surfer who thought he was the only gay surfer in the world… They probably have heard of by now, but just to make sure I would… Continue reading “Totally Gay”, by Brad Melekian

Queer Waves, by Clifton Evers

by Clifton Evers, Kurungabaa, Volume 1, Issue 2, July 2008 > Download (PDF) Queer: German quer (traverse), Latin torquere (to twist) English athwart (across) My phone rings. It’s Sam. The swell is coming up from the southeast, and the prediction is for a long period and light winds. Sam wants to load up the van and head… Continue reading Queer Waves, by Clifton Evers