Shark expert paddles within feet of great white

April 7, 2011 in Articles, News by thomasadmin

South African Chris Fallows is one of a kind, he doesn’t have a fear for sharks and is more then comfortable approaching them.

Fallows went paddle boarding off the coasts of South Africa and Mexico, moving within sight of the predators.

Call him crazy, call him what you want but the 36 year old is on a mission to dispel the theory that sharks post a threat to humans.

With 20 years of experience working with the animals Fallows says it has become a passion of his to show that sharks do not regard people as normal food items.

‘The chances of a great white shark simply rushing in and attacking a human are very remote,’ Chris said.

‘Some people have this idea that sharks will attack on sight and this is not true at all. My goal is to show people that sharks and humans can under most circumstances share the same space.’