Gay Surfers comes to Byron Bay Comes to Byron Bay

February 12th, 2011.
Destination – Kings Beach, Byron Bay. NSW. Australia.
Weather – sunny 28 degrees (Celsius)
Water temperature – 23 degrees
Wave height – 3 feet. is such a great concept and so meeting Thomas and his partner for the first time was like meeting gay surfing royalty. Thomas and I had a surf the day before the scheduled event and while sitting in the lineup started chatting to another surfer who happened to be gay. He was a café owner in the area and couldn’t make the event but a great contact was made and he was introduced to

There were four members from Byron who were able to make the event. That meant a relaxed lineup with only us out, along with a huge, ancient turtle that bobbed around about 30 metres away. The turtle became the set wave indicator.

During the surf, two other surfers paddled out who happened to be gay and hadn’t heard about It became the first time I’d ever surfed a break with six other gay guys in the water. One month ago I thought I was the only one. The community is growing!

Check out the vid for highlights…

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  1. sweeet!! I’ve always wanted to go to Byron Bay, On my next vocation want to spend a mounth in AUS, surfing and getting to know the country. Hope I get lucky to meet other gaysurfers to hang out with.

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