Filmin in Santa Cruz March 29 – 31 2013

Members of the GaySurfers team are coming to the Santa Cruz and Capitola area to film for the documentary Out in the Line-Up March 29 – 31.

We’re looking for local members who may want to be involved in supporting production of this important film. Some of the things we’re looking for…

Suggestions of surf breaks for filming on the morning of the 30th and 31st. We’d like a place where we can film surfers on the waves without too much of a crowd, but still some good waves (assuming there’s a swell).
Members who want to surf and be recorded on the beach / in the surf. We’ll ask you to sign a release form before you’re filmed.

Anyone who might have a guest room or spare bed where our crew could stay. There will be a total of three people who could stay at one place, or several as long as they’re reasonably close together.
Members who would be interested to meet for pizza and a drink the evening of the 29th. Always fun to meet other gay surfers.

Please respond to and let us know questions, or what you’re interested in participating in.


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