GS to attend 2nd annual Nike LGBT summit!


We’re pleased to be among the participants at the 2nd annual Nike LGBT summit next week in Portland and meeting people from college and professional sports, media, sports organizations and athletes all committed to ending LGBT bias in sports.    As part of the conference we’ve been asked to consider three questions.   We have our thoughts, but would also love to know what our members are thinking.   Please email with any thoughts, ideas or comments you have about these:

1.  What are the top three successes you’ve seen helping to eliminate LGBT bias in sports or sports media

2. What are the top three barriers or challenges you perceive to eliminating LGBT bias in sports or sports media

3.  What are the top three suggestions/best practices you might suggest to eliminate LGBT bias in sports or sports media

We’ll update you as the conference takes place and recap the results as part of the mission we can all support to ending homophobia in sports.

3 thoughts on “GS to attend 2nd annual Nike LGBT summit!

  1. I applaud Nike’s leadership in this discussion. But more than talk, I appreciate that Nike has offered to sponsor the first name recognizable professional athlete who breaks the self-or otherwise imposed silence about their sexuality. The fear is losing sponsorship and a career. When brands realize embracing sexual diversity is a marketing plus instead of a minus, things will get better. Nike is incrementally taking risks and going in that direction. They are reaching out to us.

    I believe one day a savvy brand will go whole hog and embrace full freedom even in their marketing. When that happens, we as surfers should outwardly support that company with our loyalty, (provided they make good product of course). And for us to outwardly reach out to these potential brands would be wise. We will support you, for supporting us. We can’t be afraid to make the leap, but neither can they. Expressing support as Nike has done has to be reciprocated by us — with money just as they will support the career of an out professional athlete.

    Better yet we could spark that situation ourselves and make it clear that should a company do this in the future, we will be there ready, waiting, mobilized. I think Out In the Lineup which will be seen by these companies screened silently behind their inner walls, will be a place to subtly communicate this.

    I hope this message gets out to the brands, and that we back up this with our own equal conviction. Subaru has been very forward in this respect.

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