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GaySurfers is present in every country where there are waves. To function effectively the site requires one ADMIN per GROUP.
Contact to become an ADMIN for an existing GROUP or to create a new GROUP.
The role of a GROUP admin is to :

1/ Manage the GROUP homepage:
-Fill up the GROUP details
-be a point of contact for members of the GROUP and visitors.

2/ Manage the GROUP MAP:
-add new surf spots
-add places of interests for gays surfers
-add gay friendly holiday accommodation
-add eating places (cafés, restaurants…)
-add relevant local businesses

3/ Organise local events:
-Organise an event and create it on the site for other members to see.
-Invite members to participate in the events.

4/ Build relationship with LOCAL media
-Moderate the forum in your GROUP, and start new forum topics to generate interactivity.
-Contact local media on behalf of GS to share our press releases

5/ Manage the GROUP FORUMS:
-Create new topics to generate MEMBERS interactivity in the GROUP
-Moderate the forum to keep the site a safe place for all ages. (please check our ‘content guidelines‘)

With all our combined knowledge, let’s build a comprehensive, gay friendly surfing guide.
Becoming a group administrator is a great way to meet other local surfers who are also gay and initiate community building activities.
Please contact if you wish to contribute in your local area.

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