Become a Group Admin

GaySurfers is present in every country where there are waves. To function effectively the site requires one ADMIN per GROUP.
Contact to become an ADMIN for an existing GROUP or to create a new GROUP.
GROUP admins can :

  • Organise events
  • invite members to participate in local and events
  • administer the GROUP page, including the GROUP infos and GROUP MAP.

On each GROUP MAP, administrators will be able to

  • add new surf spots
  • add places of interests for gays surfers:
  • gay friendly holiday accommodation
  • eating places
  • local businesses
  • etc.

With all our combined knowledge, let’s build a comprehensive, gay friendly surfing guide.
Becoming a group administrator is a great way to meet other local surfers who are also gay and initiate community building activities.

A GROUP ADMIN is a voluntary position in which a member decides to contribute to
the community by helping to manage his/her GROUP. There is no
salary or any kind of compensation for taking on this role.
There can be several GROUP ADMINS for the same GROUP.
A GROUP ADMIN agrees to be the point of contact for the GROUP and to have their
photo published on public areas of the website.

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