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It’s been a while since I wanted to post something about yoga, which is my second passion after surfing…
Here is a link to the best yoga for surfers videos that I hope you ll enjoy:

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When we decided to make Yoga for Surfers, we tracked down the best surfers in the world — surfers who actually use yoga to improve their surfing performance!

Peggy warming up with Taylor Knox before paddling out at his home break

We had the good fortune to meet up with Taylor Knoxhere in California. In his mid-30’s, he’s still ripping it up on the world tour.

Taylor has been doing yoga for years and says that “Yoga is almost as addicting as surfing.”

Imagine — there I was, doing Yoga for Surfers with Taylor at his home break. (You’ll see it in Yoga for Surfers I — we even paddled out together!)

Then we flew to the North Shore of Hawaii to film and surf with legend Rochelle Ballard at her home break.

In her mid-30’s, Rochelle is still one of the top surfers in the world, and she uses yoga to boost her performance.

Rochelle says that “Yoga is the best thing I’ve found to complement my surfing. I think every surfer should discover yoga.”

Then we traveled to Tahiti to meet up withTube Riding Champion Brian Conleywho was chasing barrels at Tea’hupoo. (I just paddled out at Small Pass — there was no way I was going to take my chances at ‘Chopes — yoga or not!

We also had the chance to work withGarrett MacNamara, the two-time World Champion of Extreme Surfingand winner of way too many big-wave surfing awards to mention here.

In addition to facing life-threatening waves around the world, Garrett has also surfed waves from falling glaciers!

I fulfilled one of my dreams when I met up with my surf hero, two-time world champion Tom Carroll at his home break on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, Australia.

Want to talk about fit? You’ll be amazed at what you see in the YFS III. Tom is in his mid-40’s and is in the greatest shape ever! You’ll see him doing some of his favorite yoga moves in YFS III: Unleashed!

You will not believe the laser-focus of these pro surfers, who are all featured in the Yoga for Surfers video series, and they credit yoga with helping them be as fit, focused and fearless as possible!

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