Newcastle (2008), directed by Dan Castle

Synopis: Spectacular surfing scenes and gorgeous Australian surfer dudes are featured in this excellent drama about three brothers, one of whom is gay. The Junior Surf Pro is looming. Jesse and a couple of school mates plan a weekend away to catch some waves. They also persuade two girls along, hopeful that sex may eventuate. But they’re also lumbered with Jesse’s awkward younger brother Fergus, who is probably gay. Yet surprisingly, one of Jesse’s mates seems to like Fergus, maybe even like him that way! But their weekend of sun, surf and sex takes a sudden, dark turn, when Victor, the older aggressive brother turns up. This new Australian film boasts a very appealing young cast and addresses its themes of teenage sexuality and masculinity with a fresh, honest attitude.

9 thoughts on “Newcastle (2008), directed by Dan Castle

  1. Don’t be too disappointed then 🙂 the ending is somewhat bitter sweet, however it does end on a positive note. The gay themes are not really explored as much as what I would have liked, it is more hinted throughout and although the chemistry between the two boys is evident, it is played down alot more than the heterosexual scenes in the movie. I liked it though, gorgeous surf and scenes of Newcastle.

  2. Newcastle is a beautiful movie and for a low budget movie they did a spectacular job with the look of the film. The fact that the actors are all real surfers really helps, and the fact that they are stunning.

    I didn’t mind that the gay plot wasn’t thoroughly explored, but it is definitely clear that no one actually cares that Fergus is gay or that Andy(?) might be too despite being the surfing glamour boy hero.

  3. Yeah, I saw “Newcastle” at a gay film festival and most of the crowd seemed disappointed because the gay angle wasn’t more deeply explored. But I loved it. Great surf photography, a lot of good humor, and I thought Fergus was mucho sexy.

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