hung hay fat choy!

Year 2012 is the Year of the Dragon by the Chinese calendar.
Happy Chinese new year. Fun, friends, Sea and Surf, that is all new year celebrations is all about.

Artwork by Jonathan

5 thoughts on “hung hay fat choy!

  1. Not just the dragon; but the Water Dragon!

    The five-elements of the zodiac plus the 12 signs give a 12×5=60 year rotation. Water grows Wood, Wood burns with Fire, Fire leaves ash which condenses to Earth, Earth condenses to Metal, and Metal condenses Water…

    Dragon is the symbol of living water in our world; sprung springs, stream flow, river course, lake ebb, and ocean, evaporation, cloud formation and rain-fall… the entire hydrological cycle. We are having a wet, green, humid summer here in New Zealand/Aotearoa – Water Dragon indeed…

    Here in Raglan some friends and I threw a Water-Dragon / Taniwha new years celebration last weekend (Taniwha being the Maori guardians of the waters analogous to the asian/celtic dragons).

    Two nights, 7 dj’s, a couple of hundred people above the waves of Ruapuke beach, traditional japanese drummers and a masked demon dancer. Music and stomping feet till dawn each night…


    May all you gay surfers ride and carve the year of the Water Dragon with style and grace!

    – Si

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