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There is no more tangible form of stoke than a surfer claiming a wave. But choosing the proper claim after a killer wave can be tricky. Not to worry, all questions will be answered in this episode of Korduroy tv’s Surf Sufficient as we look at a variety of claims to add to your surfing repertoire. So whether you slash the juicy nectar out of the shore pound on a skim, get spit out on a body board, perch ten on a log, or just need a few more points to get through your next heat, you’ll know exactly what to do after watching this..

How To Claim – Surf Sufficient from on Vimeo.

8 thoughts on “How To Claim – Surf Sufficient

  1. Liked the vid, and even more their whole website; lots of interesting little arty surf films. Saw “Stoked and Broke” at Honolulu Surf Film fest…great little film, and Cyrus Sutton’s face doesn’t break the camera either! Thanks for posting this.

  2. The most appropriate “claim” I ever saw was that of a surfer in Hawai’i turning at the end of his ride to face the wave, bringing his hands together, and bowing his head in the “namaste” greeting. After all, the wave was there first.

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