Dane Reynolds Donates Generously to Japan Relief

Written by David Wakefield 16 March, 2011
Photo by Justin Cote
Pro surfer Dane Reynolds (USA), 25, is proving himself to be not only one of the most innovative surfers on the planet but also a generous and compassionate guy.
According to ASP, reporting from VENTURA, California/USA (Tuesday, March 16, 2011) and in response to Japan’s worsening crisis, ‘…several of the world’s best surfers are doing their part to help those in need. Dane Reynolds (USA), 25, while sidelined with a knee injury, has gotten himself in the game in a big way to aid those in Japan. For the remainder of the week, Reynolds is donating 100% of all sales from his label, Summer Teeth, to Japanese Relief Effort via Relief International. As if that wasn’t enough, the young Californian has also pledged to personally match all sales and donate direct to the fund as well.’

This is a great response to the huge need in Japan right now.

To grab some of these stylish Summer Teeth threads with 100% of the profits going to the Japanese Relief Effort, check out MarineLayerProductions.com or go direct to SummerTeeth.com

T-Shirts AND a good cause…give this guy a high five!

2 thoughts on “Dane Reynolds Donates Generously to Japan Relief

  1. American are really good to make business! a very good com deal for Dane, it is really nice to do that but no need to make com on it, I have always been chocked by the word Charity business, we are all tax payer and our money should be enought to give help throw our governments and not all that sheet business of charity! Meanwhile the Libians will return to a psychopatic rule.

  2. Dear David
    Recently I read from a magazine that Dane and Jon Jon Florence visited and surfed Japan. It was a chance for them both to connect with mankind other than the surfing world. I’m proud to be associated with surfers wether gay or straight (students of the world) who recognize the soul changes through acts of compassion. Not all people would agree with us and the article, however we know that from the begin. Your article should be commended as well as the charity of others. After reading several of your articles it would be my pleasure to be associated with you as a friend. Please feel free to correct me. I’m very grateful for my English teachers, however insufferable they might be. Choosing between may and might was not easy. Gregg

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