2013 Greetings + video

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Happy New Year!

We’re excited to be entering 2013 with over 4,400 gay surfers registered on our site, initial filming done on our documentary, and new team members to help drive our vision for the future. Our mission remains the same, to promote acceptance, tolerance and freedom for gay surfers in every country, every ocean, every wave. Here’s some of the things we’re working on:

Out in the Line-Up

Filming has begun on a documentary to reveal the challenges, passions and skills of gay surfers around the world. We’re telling the story of surfing pros, surfing enthusiasts, young, old, male, female from Hossegor to Hawaii, Byron Bay to Brazil. We’re now actively looking for donors and corporate sponsors and will keep you updated, and of course, appreciate any leads you may have.


A survey conducted among our members in late 2012 showed they have a huge interest in surf trips to meet other gay surfers, and share adventure in the waves. We’re currently working on surf trips for Central America, South America and the South Pacific. Watch for upcoming announcements on dates, locations and events.

New Team Members

In January 2013 Don Reddin from California will be joining Thomas as a key member of the GaySurfers.net team.  Don’s background is in marketing and advertising, and he’ll be working on all aspects of the site, the film and the community to broaden our message, membership and awareness.
As we finish 2012 and begin a new year, we want to thank you for being part of our community. The magic, the passion and the experiences of our members and friends is the power we need to make changes that will improve our lives, and leave a better world for future generations. We thank you being for a part of it, and wish a very happy new year to you, your family, friends, partner, spouse and others who make your life richer.

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