From the members:

  • …to prevent other young people from being affraid to become anything in their lives because of their sexual orientation, I would like to volunteer to help you bring this network to Brazil, and making it even bigger. I can’t promise you it’ll work, but I can assure you I’ll do my best.Gabriel
  • I just wanted to say that it is a wonderful thing you had done in creating Gaysurfers.net. I am honored to be counted as a member & loved taking part of the 2nd Annual Internat’l Gaysurfers Paddle-Out & meeting & surfing with two new friends in the Pacific Northwest Group.
    There is a saying in Spanish, “Buena Onda” which means “Good Vibes”. But it also means when talking about a person who is good & honorable, He or She is Buena Onda. & Thomas you are Buena Onda!!!! Cris
  • Thanks. I hope this site takes off. Plenty of gay surfers in Cali (…) it’s a cool idea for meeting others from around the world. RICK
  • T hanks. This site is going to get BIG. Great to talk with other surfers out there. Bastian Im sure I will like it thanks for this, is been a long time coming…. JEFF
  • I first want to say Thank you so much for your site! It’s grown since i have joined 5 days ago.. Wow! my Facebook never felt so Lonely.. Ha! Thanks again Guy… Aloha Nui Loa.. Michael
  • Hi, Well done for your website ! You ‘ve made a very good job ! Stephane
  • (…) its a very unique site you’ve got going and i support its existence 100%. quite honestly, i was hoping to see as many near naked butt shots of guys as i see near naked butt shots of girls in most surf magazines and websites – but thus far, you’ve kept it classy. congrats and i do hope this site reaches as many people as possible! Al
  • Hi I just wanted to thank you for providing a site like this. I was so excited to come across this web-page. I have been wanted to find a social network for gay surfers for years and could never find anything(…) Ryan
  • Thanx a lot for organizing this website. During the last 3-4 years I’ ve been looking for something like that on the web. M.

From the supporters outside of the community:

  • Congratulations for marching the way you all did on Oxford st last week, you looked like a bunch of mates with their surf boards having fun, and it’s awesome that it was non-political, and it was just about surfing“. Vincent D. (Melbourne)
  • How’s the saying go, ‘20% of us are them’? Or is it, ‘20% of them are us’? Ahhh whatever, all of us are surfers, some of us are gay, and some of them will be on a float this Saturday night. Good show I say…Stuart Nettle from Swellnet (published on swellnet.com.au the week before Mardi Gras)

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