Quotes from an anonymous  gay surfer: “Im from Chile. Surfing is really good if you know where to go, its the goofy paradise because its full of lefts. But there are also righs in the north.

Near Santiago, the capital you can go to Pichilemu, 2 hours and a half, its powerful and without northern wind it may be glass. Also you have Maitencillo, 2 hours north from Santiago. Can be good or bad, depending of the time. If you have more time. 6 hours to the north,Totoralillo, Punta Teatinos, La serena, you have perfect waves, and 6 hours to the south, Curanipe, Pullai, Buchupureo, Cobqecura, and more. Winter or summer, waves come, but crowds disapear in winter and during the week. Further North you have Iquique, Arica, thats warmer. In easter Island you have also a lot of waves. Chile has 4100 kms of beach …

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