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It’s easy as to get to with a variety of waves for everyone from legendary point breaks like Manu Bay, and Whale Bay featured in the epic surf classic Endless Summer, to a perfect learners beach with plenty of space for everyone when the points heat up.
“I’ve lived there for two years now and can say the surf is pretty constant, there’s almost always a wave for someone out there. We get more than our fair share of 3-5 ft swell with the bigger (double overhead) days around winter and spring tides. The town itself is low-key, relaxed, hippy oriented and non-judgemental. There are a few gay-owned businesses in town including an organic burger shack, and a pottery studio, not to mention I manage a hostel and surf rental business as an openly gay community member. As with anywhere, respect, tolerance and a sense of humor will get you far, but I’d love to see a few more gay boys out in the waves with me. There’s also a wicked little music scene in town and perhaps the greatest coffee on the planet roasted fresh at Raglan Roast. “ Comments posted by Josh (joshkosh)

Gay Friendly Businesses in NZ:

Raglan Backpackers: Backpackers hotel at Raglan
-(get your business listed here)

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