South Australia

Yorkes Peninsula

The surfing on Yorkes Peninsula is an experience in itself. Whether you are a participant, or someone who enjoys sitting back and watching, you will see some perfect right beach breaks and some unforgiving lefts. There are waves for all different classes of ability which are located within close proximity of Marion Bay. The coastline accepts winds from all different directions, so you are sure to find it offshore somewhere.There are many quality surf breaks to choose from in the area. Listed below are some of the most well known breaks located in close proximity to Marion Bay. There are endless beaches that serve up some punchy beach breaks and if you are prepared to search you might come across some interesting places. Just remember to respect the local line up and you are sure to have some all time sessions. Innes is a particularly famous surfing destination, hosting South Australia’s most prestigious surfing event, the Cutloose Coopers Classic. This is held in Innes National Park at Chinamans every October long weekend. Surf Locations / Breaks Chinamans This is a high quality wave, it has a powerfull hollow left hander that handles large swells. Left hander, reef, experienced surfers only. (Offshore North).

Pondalowie Bay

 A consistent fun long right that handles large swells. It also breaks left which is of better quality when it is small. Right hander, reef/beach, medium experience (Offshore South East to East).
Unlike some of the more localised breaks in the area, “Pondie” as it is known to regulars has a cruisy vibe with many travellers and weekend surfers staying in the nearby campground
Daily Heads A quality left that handles the biggest swells to hit the coastline. Left hander, reef, experienced surfers. Trespassers A punchy right that offers some nice barrels. Right hander, reef, experienced surfers only. (Offshore East). Salmon Hole A long right that offers some wackable faces, and the occasional barrel on the suck rock. Right hander, reef, medium to experienced surfers. (Offshore North). You might have to doge a rock or two on low tide.

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