Gold Coast

The Gold Coast consists of a bunch of righthand pointbreaks. South-to-North, these are: Snapper/Rainbow, Greenmount (Coolangatta beach), Currumbin (The Alley) and Burleigh. There’s also miles of beachbreak, which can be just as enjoyable when the banks are shaped up, the swell’s running and the points are busy. Plus the new artificial reef at Narrowneck. Best time of year Jan-July.

Because of the curve of the coast, Burleigh’s the most consistent of the points, as Kirra etc.,needs more wrap-around. So far in 2000, Burleigh has had quality surf, on average, about 3 days a week. About 75% of G.C.swell come up from Lows to the S-SE in the Tasman (between NSW & NZ);20% off Cyclonic activity to the E-NE in th Coral Sea;about 5% from this same direction but off long-fetch N-E’ly winds from big Highs (mostly slow sloppy surf – handy if there’s no ‘proper’ swell about tho)

Climate: sub-tropical- usually 20-30C in summer, 8-22C winter temp ranges, with water down
to about 15C mid/late winter; well into the high 20s in summer.


Join the Gold Coast Group

Gold Coast surf group open to all experience levels and ages. Short boarders to long boarders and everything in between. The Gold Coast group is about sharing experiences, improving skills and having fun.
Longterm goal is to arrange monthly surf meets, offer elective fitness sessions and the possibility of an annual surf trip. Interested in helping out or joining? Click here!

Gay Friendly businesses in the Gold Coast:

Brad Holmes: Personalised Surf Coaching, Stand Up Paddling, Tai Chi & Qigong
-(get your business listed here)

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