Mir Left

 Driving from Agadir south to Sidi Ifini on the International Road you will pass through the village of Mir Left.
A great place to camp is 200m before the river which feeds the village you will find a turning to your right as you follow the road south. Follow this track for about 1 km and you will end up on a flat area behind the beach. Park up here for a few days. Walk north on the beach from this camping spot and you will find some sea caves. The caves are being used as a cafe, so venture inside and have a cup of tea or a tagine.

The village has all the commerce that you need. A great souk, with fresh products each day, the tomatoes where the biggest that I have seen in my life! Hotels beds and appartments to rent can be found in the village.

The beach in the centre gives a good left point break, which breaks off the rock into the protected beach. Watch the rocks in the take off zone at low tide. There are some average beach breaks north of this break on the otherside of the river.

The surf casting north of Mir Left is fantastic. The deeply shelving beach is a fishermans delight. The small Berber villages which follow the coast, rely on this natural resource as their main food store. From the delights of crab and octopus which are found at low tide in the natural supermarket (open 2 times a day; low tide only) to the sole which is found on the break line shifting through the sand, you have the beach.The setting sun will leave you with memories.

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