New entries for the t-shirt design comp

These are all the entries for the competition.
The competition is now over, it ended on November 15 2010.
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SkaterBoy Iltis



This design is now available in the store:



12 thoughts on “New entries for the t-shirt design comp

  1. I like Justin Boydes T shirt with the red malibu leaning to the right! that with Don Alberts design on the arm or maybe even a tattoo. keep up the good work guys!

  2. I have to concede that Justin’s makes a fantastic and clever T-Shirt design, but I’m not so sure its a good “logo” as such, because of the scale. The fins kinda get lost IMHO. I vote for Justin’s shirt, but reckon the original GS logo must remain unchanged. (Mine was meant to be two interlocking hearts BTW)… er…ahem…cough…

  3. Thomas said that we can change the colour of the logo for the competition. I didn’t knew we were asked to create a new logo. I thought it’s a t-shirt design contest, not a logo design contest.

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