Help build a GS IPHONE APP

We would like to develop an IPHONE application for
The app would let users see other members around them (similar to GRINDR). It would allow them to create events and send push notifications to invite other members to go surfing with them.

Are you an Iphone App developer ?Can you volunteer some time to help further develop our site by creating the app? If so, please contact Thomas.

5 thoughts on “Help build a GS IPHONE APP

    1. Hey Aurelio,
      Thanks for chasing me up on this. No there has not been any further development with this. The site is built with WordPress / Buddypress and there is not yet an easy way of making an app for this. The site is accessible via mobile, not as good as an app I know, but it still should work. I am still looking for help with this if anyone is a mobile developer ?

    1. Hi drew,
      Thanks for your message. At this stage we dont have any budget to build an app, but it would be great to explore this project. It would be be very helpful if we could use your help as a User Experience Designer. Is there an app developper out there who wished to help also ?

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