GS is planning to come to Brazil for a promo tour. We are currently looking for financial contributors and someone to help coordinate this tour of Brazil as GS would like to be involved in supporting local community projects. Please contact if you want to participate.

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  1. Hi Tomas!

    How’s the Brazil tour planning coming along? When will you be heading there? Let me know if you still need any help.

    I enjoyed the video you just posted. I think I’d get into surfing more if I didn’t have to wear a wetsuit. Nights are cold here now. Enjoy the summer there!



  2. Hey Michael – here are some news about Brazil:

    1/ We have decided to come to Brazil from 7th to 21st October 2013 and we hope that the members will help us with the production.
    We would like to shoot interviews in Florianopolis, Rio and Sao Paulo so we need to decide of an itinerary and schedule our trip, find accommodation, decide on shooting locations …

    2/ Also a couple of brazilian members are trying to schedule a group surf session on the 9th march in 3 different places in Brazil:
    -Sao Paulo
    We need to choose a time to meet and a surf spot to meet at. I won’t be there so I hope the local members can organise the meeting themselves. What do you think ?

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