There are a number of ways you can contribute to the community.
Please have a look at the different jobs we are working at the moment where we need help.
If you have the required skills and some time to give to the community, please email info@gaysurfers.net

Need camera man for Quicksilver Pro

The team from GaySurfers.net will be filming scenes for the documentary Out in the Line-Up at the Quiksilver Pro on the Gold Coast from March […]

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Help build a GS IPHONE APP

We would like to develop an IPHONE application for GaySurfers.net. The app would let users see other members around them (similar to GRINDR). It would […]

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Gay Surfers documentary

A team from GS is preparing a documentary that examines the often taboo subject of homosexuality in surfing. The film will focus on pertinent historical […]

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Become a Group Admin

GaySurfers is present in every country where there are waves. To function effectively the site requires one ADMIN per GROUP. Contact info@gaysurfers.net to become an […]

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Lawyer and Accountant wanted

We are looking for a lawyer and an accountant, preferably in Australia to help with some behind the scene admin stuff. If you are a […]

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Help us make the 1st GS PROMO VIDEO

We are working on a video which explains who we are as a community of surfers who are gay. It will be professionally edited and […]

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Help with PHP coding / My SQL  – Developer WANTED

We are looking for a developer to help with PHP coding. If you are a developer and can volunteer some time to help improve the […]

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Spotted an opportunity for GS? If you see an opportunity that you would like GaySurfers.net to be involved with, get in touch with us. We will be happy to chat with you about how GS can help. info@gaysurfers.net

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