Make a surf video

We re encouraging you to post your own surf videos on the site. Cyrus Sutton who runs the surf website Korduroy.TV has produced a number of surf films, and got some tips on shooting your own surf movie. Check it out at

Tip of the Week: Changing your AVATAR

How to Change Your AVATAR Want to change your AVATAR to a pic or surf shot of yourself? On the admin bar on top of the page (above the GS logo) go to on My account | Profile | Change Avatar. Or view a video tutorial and change your AVATAR today.

Tip of the Week #5

Do you have, or know of a business in your area, that other gay surfers would like? Send an email to with the business address and contact details.

Tip of the Week #4

Want to upload your surfing photos? On the admin bar on top of the page (above the GS logo) go to on My account | Album | Upload Picture.

Tip of the Week #3

Thinking of planning a surf session with other Gay Surfers from your GROUP? Click on ‘Become A Group Admin’ Fill in email and talk to us Minimal skills and time required.

Tip of the Week #2

Want to see what members are saying? Click on Activity Set options to ‘Show Updates’ Read members’ updates and reply if interested.

Tip of the Week #1

Planning your next surf-trip? Check if an event is already planned in your GROUP Click on GROUPS and scroll down to country and place you’re visiting. Browse through  members from that area. Private message GROUP Administrator and members to get advice/info. Check the updated map of the area for surfspots/accommodation/businesses

Tip of the Week #7

To change your location of the map, you need to go to: -“MY ACCOUNT” -“EDIT PROFILE” -“CHANGE LOCATION MANUALLY” -“CLICK ON YOUR LOCATION” -“CLICK SAVE”