Tip of the Week

We re encouraging you to post your own surf videos on the site. Cyrus Sutton who runs the surf website Korduroy.TV has produced a number […]

How to Change Your AVATAR Want to change your AVATAR to a pic or surf shot of yourself? On the admin bar on top of […]

Do you have, or know of a business in your area, that other gay surfers would like? Send an email to info@gaysurfers.net with the business […]

Want to upload your surfing photos? On the admin bar on top of the page (above the GS logo) go to on My account | […]

Thinking of planning a surf session with other Gay Surfers from your GROUP? Click on ‘Become A Group Admin’ Fill in email and talk to […]

Want to see what members are saying? Click on Activity Set options to ‘Show Updates’ Read members’ updates and reply if interested.

Planning your next surf-trip? Check if an event is already planned in your GROUP Click on GROUPS and scroll down to country and place you’re […]

To change your location of the map, you need to go to: -“MY ACCOUNT” -“EDIT PROFILE” -“CHANGE LOCATION MANUALLY” -“CLICK ON YOUR LOCATION” -“CLICK SAVE”

Share your videos from youtube by posting the youtube URL on the ACTIVITY page.

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