To bring gay surfers together. by maintaining an informative and interactive site where gay men and women can:

  • Gather – create a global community which includes members from around the world who may be isolated geographically or socially.
    • Contact and liaise with local media
    • Organise events in local communities
  • Share their passion for surfing
    • Publish on a regular basis articles, stories, photos and videos that are relevant to Gay Surfers
    • Create new topics for discussion in the forum
    • Facilitate user generated content (photos & videos)
    • Provide the tools for members to communicate privately and publicly.
    • Maintain a safe environment which values the privacy of members
    • Ensure quality control by moderating the forums and photos
    • Continuously improve the site with new functionality
  • Plan surf trips
    • Build geo-specific GROUPS in which members can relate to their local communities.
    • Facilitate opportunities for surfers to network around the world
    • Provide MAPS for each of the GROUPS which show where the members are located, where they surf, and give access to relevant local information including accommodation, cafés, surfshops, etc.
    To improve public awareness
    • Show the diversity that exists in surfing by:
      • publishing articles about GS in mainstream media
      • looking for opportunities to help out the global surfing community
    • Improve the public image of gay by:
      • showing that gay people actively participate in a variety of sub-cultures within society, including surfing. Ensuring that GS is represented at gay celebrations such as MARDI GRAS
      • showing that we share a common passion for surfing and we represent part of a broadening surf culture around the world.
      • informing the general public of who we are Creating an open, informed and inclusive environment (we are gay and we welcome everyone who is open minded).

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