Thanks to @wavvves , we found this article written by Brad Melekian, called “Totally Gay” and published in 2007, about brad’s friend’s coming out story […]

I was just playing with the fins in the opera house, and thought it would be a good logo for the Sydney GROUP. Could even […]

The Mardi Gras GS t-shirts are now available! Grab one here!

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GAYSURFERS.NET IS FIGHTING HOMOPHOBIA IN THE LINE UP. TEXT ED ANDREWS & ILLUSTRATION JON BOAM “Gay surfers don’t have pink surfboards and they don’t want […]

Just found this photo in a Brazilian publication FFW Mag recently ran this oddly tantalizing editorial that’s a giddy mix of ’60s beach movies and […]

Gs Sticker Weather-proof stickers for exterior surfaces, (9.2 X 8 inches) (23.5 X 20.5cm), 100% synthetic

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