I just returned from Brazil Ecojourney’s GaySurfBrazil 2016


I just returned from Brazil Ecojourney’s GaySurfBrazil 2016 and can’t say enough great things about the trip. Marta and Lesley did a phenomenal job of bringing together surfers from the U.S., Canada, Great Britain, Germany, Argentina and Brazil and making everyone feel more than at home. Whether a beginning or experienced surfer, the surf camp gave all of us what we needed to feel more confident in the water, to brush up on our skills, and to excel. Florianopolis was amazing – one of the most beautiful and friendly cosmopolitan islands I have ever visited – a perfect way to begin the trip. The surfing in Rosa was pretty phenomenal, and because the waves were not dependent on the tides, surfers were in the water pretty much all day long! and the scenery was nothing short of breathtaking. Most importantly, everyone truly enjoyed each other’s company and long-lasting friendships were made. I can’t think of a better way to spend a vacation. My only regret – getting on that plane to head back to LA. 🙂 This is one surfer who will definitely be back next year. Obrigado, Marta and Lesley.




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  1. thnx for sharing/I see you’re a longboarder,too?care to share deails on your board, where you surf?
    OC local here, have a 10′ Bruce Jones single fin, like SanO & Dohene, HB pier & Waikiki when I can get there/ Hank

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