2012 GS design competition




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  1. The designer here with an addendum:

    I’m not sexist — there’s a gal’s version replacing ‘brothers’ with SISTERS. Looks great on the mint green color.

    Also, perhaps GS, and the t-shirt manufacturer would allow a second version with just your own glowing pride to wear–wearing “nothing on your sleeve” This way, be known to only those who are truly in the know, (no URL).

  2. too complicated

  3. At some point, it is best “to be or not to be.” if you’re looking at or wearing this shirt, you shouldn’t give a shit who knows.

    we’ve got it much easier in this day and age than those who fought the good fight before us. 90% of all of my friends know that i am gay and 85% of those 90% surf. they know that i am gay and embrace it. surround yourself with positive people and don’t let some ignorant human being snake away your life!

    as for the shirt, i like it at first and still do. saltwater bro’s and sis’s is cool. don’t see anything about gaysurfers and i even looked for the G and the S in there somewhere and couldn’t find it.

    not a mint green fan but think it would be fine for the people who like it in a shirt.

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