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This vid raises some great points about the way women are viewed, not just in skateboarding, but in the wider world of action sports too. […]


GaySurfers.net is now available on mobile phones and tablets! Check it out:  www.GaySurfers.net If you have problems logging in, just reply to this newsletter or email info@gaysurfers.net and we […]


New magazine GLC reviewed “OUT in the line-up” as one of the 4 feature articles in the Summer issue “SURFS UP” By: Article By:Dan Cox […]


Growing up surfing in Brazil and finding out that I was gay as a teenager presented some challenges for me. During many years of my […]


For the first time Gay Surfers participated in the San Diego Gay Pride. Following the GS banner, a members of GaySurfers.net marched proudly with their […]


Get to discover great waves with other gay surfers in Nicaragua!  This November a gay member of the Gay Surfers Network is organizing a surf […]